A Loch Ness story

The lone serpent travelled slowly through the ocean of water she calls her
The salty tang of the Atlantic now a regular part of her all too melancholy life.
The sting in her gums made for a constant reminder that this was not where she
She wasn’t used to the harsh treatment of the cold and dark earthly oceans and
despite only having been there for a few weeks, it had already started to impact
Her golden chocolate complexion had now turned a yellow-brown colour, and the
sharp spikes that ran across her back had started to wither away.
Her vision had been impaired by the salt and so she now had to spend most of
her days in total darkness as to not damage her eyes further.
All of this paired with a great deal of crippling hunger and acid reflux made for
more than enough suffering for anyone to struggle to stay sane;
and the mighty Stoor Worm was no exception.

Many a mile away, another lonely soul dreamt of a better life.
She was also a serpent of sorts; although she is not even sure herself of what
species she is, she has lived for so long she has forgotten where she came from.
All she remembers is the vast ocean with its merciless and untamable strength.
She also remembers horrible creatures that came from above.
They came in huge green crafts, which she later learned were made of wood
from trees which apparently grew on the drylands.
They wanted to hurt her.
Foolishly, she had gotten too close to some settlements in an attempt to feed on
the delicious algae that lined the mountainous shore in the late spring.

The dryland creatures had caught a glimpse of her.
They were petrified of the horrid looking beast and ran for their lives in fear.
She was startled as she never meant any harm.
But looking back at her long, darkened green body with her angry red limbs and
black scales she understood their anxiety and distress.
She’d never met another sea creature as colossal and grotesque as herself.
She often wondered if she were truly one of a kind.
She ate slowly and tried to not disturb the ground too much with her weight
while she leaned against the mountainside.
She mustn’t impair the little collection of huts anymore as she had already
caused such trouble for the little beige, two legged creatures already.
Because despite what others might assume when they see her; she actually
considered herself to be a kind and friendly old monster.
She didn’t wish to hurt anyone or anything.
Yet she still had plenty of trouble making friends.
She only ever eats seaweed and kelp, with the occasional buffé of algae when
they’re in season.
So she looks more dangerous than she actually is.
But that’s enough for most living things.
Noone ever comes near her and they are frightened at the mere sight of her.
Noone ever gives the big scary sea monster a chance.
It’s probably a really good survival skill though, she thought to herself.
More species and societies are probably still around today because they did
avoid things that looked like her.

Still it would be nice to ….
Her train of thought was interrupted by a screeching sound flying through the
She spun around in surprise.
“What the shit?!”, she exclaimed to herself.
She looked around trying to identify where the awful noise was coming from.
Her eyes rested on the treeline at the far end of the pebbly beach.
The varied sizes of stones all in different shades of grey made for excellent
hiding places for seagulls and their nests.
Though all the nests had suddenly been emptied by the same noise that startled
She thought she could see something moving behind the thick trunks of the
And sure enough, out from the forest emerged at least four hundred of the
same beige coloured creatures that had just ran away from her a few moments
She realized immediately that they did not come back to make friends with her.
No, they intended to hurt her.
One by one or in small groups she could take them down easily, but with the size
of the attack she knew she didn’t stand a chance.
So she fled.
She fled faster than she’s ever fled before.
But her immense size and weight made it difficult to move very quickly,
especially when she had climbed onto the shallow shoreline to eat.
She struggled ungainly to turn around and shuffle towards deeper waters.

Several spears, rocks and arrows hit her all over.
The creatures had almost reached her now and she was still stuck in the

That’s all she really remembers.
Well no, she gets flashes sometimes.
Of swimming away and the creatures following closely, screaming at her.
Of finding a seemingly nice stream to hide.
Of said stream collapsing behind her, trapping her on the other side.
Of realizing that waiting on the other side was a closed lake, from which there
was no escape other than the path that had just sealed behind her.

She has been stuck here for many centuries now.
She’s even more lonely than before if that’s possible.
At least in the ocean she was free to try and befriend other critters.
But in here there’s almost no other living thing besides the plant life and an
occasional dragonfly.
Most of the living things in here don’t live longer than a few weeks anyway so
she thought it pointless to even try.
The creatures that chased her in here have since evolved and they now call
themselves hunams or something.
She’s tried to befriend them many times but they just call her a monster.
She knows it’s true but it still hurts to be called a monster when all she wants is
a friend.
She listens to them often though and it seems like she has become some sort of

Apparently other hunams sometimes come far and wide to see the lake where
she resides.
A lake which most of the locals call the Loch Ness lake.

“Alright, enough!”, wailed the poor being in the Atlantic, “I can’t take this
It’s just too much for her; the hunger, the pain, the unknowing if it would ever
“Take me back, please!”, she sobbed at the sky.
She screamed at the top of her lungs at someone who she knew wasn’t listening.
But she didn’t know what else to do.
She coughed from the salt damage to her lungs but she didn’t care.
“Please I’ll do everything you ask me to, just get me out of here!”
She was desperate.
She wept and moaned all through the night but received no answer.
She wasn’t surprised.
The gods never did care about her.
They just wanted a punching bag, and then banished her when she had the nerve
to speak up.
Her resentment for them was the only thing that had kept her going these few
But she was getting tired.
She was getting so lonely.

She knew she wouldn’t survive this.
This was it.
There was no end to this nightmare.
She knew she had to make a choice.
She could either die a slow and painful death or …
What was that voice?
Did she imagine it? Is she hallucinating now?
“Is someone there?”
There it was again.
Should she answer?
Maybe it was the gods finally hearing her!
Or maybe they were just playing a trick and giving her false hope.
How could they be so cruel? Had they not hurt her enough already?
“I know ye’re there, I heard ye wailing all night”, the disembodied voice
continued, sounding a little annoyed but mostly concerned.
“I.. I’m sorry if I kept you up, I didn’t mean to”, she replied back carefully, in
her own wheezy voice.
“It’s okay dear, I was just worried. Ye seemed so hurt, are ye alright?”
“Yeah…, well no not really. It’s a long story”
“I’ve got time if ye wanna share, I got nothin’ better to do”, the strange voice
said, now calmly and reassuring.

Gry Enocson Sa3b

“Where are you even? Why can’t I see you?”
“I guess I’m behind this wall from ye, I’ve kinda been stuck here for a while”
“How did you manage to get stuck behind there?”, she chuckled.
“Well that’s another long story, I’ll tell ye that one too if ye’re up for it”
This mysterious voice seemed very friendly.
It was a very weird voice, but kind all the same.

The two monsters quickly became very close.
They shares their life stories with each other.
Stoor worm listened intently to the other’s dramatic telling of how she ended up
in the loch.
She then told her own story of being condemned by the gods Morrígu and
Camulos, for not wanting to be used as a practise opponent.
So many years she had spent being vanquished and beaten down only to be
revived and made to fight again some days later.
And the worst part was that she didn’t even know it wasn’t normal.
Her creation only had one purpose and she never knew of anything else.
She didn’t even think she had a name.
“How can ye not know yer own name?!”
“They never gave me one, I’ve always just been Stoor Worm the evil serpent”
“I don’t think ye’re evil love, and I willnae call ye Stoor Worm ‘cause that’s not
yer name”
“It’s what I’ve always gone by though, so I don’t know if I should change it”
“But that’s the name given to ye by brutes who used ye for their own selfish
reasons, ye deserve better”
“But Camulos said..”
“Fuck that bampot, he sounds like a lavvy-heided wankstain!”
“I don’t know what any of those words mean, but I get what you’re trying to
say”, she chuckled a bit caught off guard at the strange and rough language.
“It means ye should forget about what they told you, and start making decisions
for yerself. And that includes choosing yer own name”
“Well I don’t know any good names, I wouldn’t even know where to start”
“Ye know a name I’ve always liked?, Caitir, it means “she who is of pure nature”.
And I think that fits ye, surviving what ye’ve been through and still remaining a
good person is not something everyone can do. You deserve a name that tells yer
She was completely dumbfounded.
Noone had ever said something like that, or been that nice to her.
“Wow that…, that sounds great. Caitir. I like it!”
She smiled to herself at the knowledge that she finally had her own name.
A name that was her own and not a symbol of her suffering and abuse and
Well it was all that too, but most of all it was a symbol for how she endured all
that and survived.
And it was all thanks to… gosh, she just realized she didn’t know what the other
called herself.
“I just realized I don’t know your name, if you have one of course”, she said at
the wall in front of her but talking to the lovely creature behind it.
“Oh I’m Nessie, well at least the hunams call me that as I apparently live in the
Loch Ness lake”

“But didn’t you have a name before you got stuck and they named you that?”
“Yeah but I like this one better, my old name never really captured who I was
and I had been thinking of changing it anyway”
“That makes sense I guess, since that’s quite exactly what I’ve just done”, Caitir
chuckled to herself.
She soon realized her mistake as her damaged throat took a hit every time she
The vibrations sent her into a coughing fit and she could barely breathe for a
“Oi are ye alright?!”, shouted Nessie worriedly.
Caitir couldn’t answer and her eyes were welling up from the pain now.
She managed to wheeze out a response saying the salty ocean had been rough on
her as she had always lived in freshwater.
“Shite have ye been in this much agony the entire time? Why didn’t ye tell me?!”
Caitir just hiccuped in response, her coughing finally starting to die down.
“I didn’t want to worry you, these past few days have been the best of my life
and I didn’t want to ruin it with my problems”, she rasped out barely audibly.
“Hey these have been the best days of my life as well, but ye shouldn’t have hid
this from me. I can help ye get better. I’ve been around for a very long time and
I know every part of the ocean by heart, I can tell ye where to go where it’s the
least salty”
She hadn’t even thought about asking Nessie for help, she said herself that she
was ancient so she must know everything there is to know about the ocean.
“You’d do that for me? But how can you show me the way if you’re stuck behind
It was a justified question.

“No I can’t do that, but I can tell ye the way, it’s not that hard honestly and
assuming ye’re as huge as I am it won’t take ye more than a few weeks to travel
“But…, I can’t just.., leave you here, you’ll be all alone again”
“It’s okay hun, I’ll be fine really. Yer wellbeing is more important”
“No you’re my friend and I won’t do that to you, your wellbeing is important too
and you wouldn’t be well if I left you”, Caitir was appalled that Nessie even
though such a thing.
She was not going to subject Nessie to even more anguish by leaving her again.
Besides she had finally found a friend of her own after being so lonely and
miserable and she wasn’t about to lose her now.
No there must be a way to free Nessie from the loch.
She looked up and down the wall.
“Alright get back Nessie, I’m busting you out”
Nessie couldn’t even finish her sentence before Caitir flung her giant body at
the wall.
The whole ground trembled sending piles of trees and dirt down the hillside into
the water.
“What the fuck are ye doing?! Ye’re gonna kill yerself!!”
“No I know what I’m doing, trust me”
She regained her strength and flung herself at the wall again.
This time it rumbled even more and big boulders came rolling down.
She jumped out of the way just in time.

She didn’t know what she was trying to accomplish.
Did she really think she could demolish an entire part of the earth just to be
with her friend?
The answer is yes.
The answer is always yes.
But she could use some help from said friend.
“Hey smartass what’s yer plan here?”
“You told me I should make my own decisions, so I decide that you’re getting out
of there and coming with me”
“See, it’s really good that ye’re breaking free from yer oppressors, but ye
should evaluate if maybe ye’re overestimating yer abilities”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, Caitir said smugly as she launched
herself at the barrier separating her and Nessie again.
This time the actual core cracked.
This sparked something in Nessie as well.
She had doubted Caitir until now, and she had lost all faith of ever getting out
long ago.
She was prepared to spend the rest of her days trapped.
But suddenly she saw through the cracks and a spark of hope had been lit.
She realized Caitir would kill herself if she continued alone.
No Nessie knew she had to help if they were ever going to succeed.
“Aight watch out I’m going in!”, she screamed so Caitir would move out of the

This went on for a long time; the two friends flinging themselves at the wall in
intervals trying to bring it down.
They probably managed to create the biggest earthquake Scotland had ever
But finally with one last assault; it came crumbling down.
Both monsters stumbled backwards out of the way of the collapsing terrain.

When the dust cleared and the bigger stones had reached the seabed, they
dared to move out.
And for the first time; they saw each other.
Well at least Nessie could see Caitir.
Caitir still had problems seeing with how the salty ocean had bruised her vision.
But still she could identify the shape of her friend.
She was far more colourful than Caitir herself and had more defined limbs.
They were pretty much the same size but very different shapes.
Caitir was long and sleek, more like a serpent.
While Nessie was more round and dragon shaped.
They embraced as well as two sea monsters could.
At last they were together.
“I’ll take care of ye now dear. We’ll go to the indian ocean, ye’ll be fine there”
“Really? Does the ocean hurt less over there?”
“Yeah it doesn’t hurt at all, I promise ye. Just hold on for a week or two and
we’ll be there, I’ll help ye all the way mopsy”
Caitir smiled widely as they began their journey.

She knew she was in good hands now and she felt safer than ever.
Nessie swam right beside Caitir.
She helped her friend by supporting her side and making sure to point her in the
right direction.
They made their way through the vast waters and Caitir could slowly feel the
pain in her eyes and throat disappear and them starting to heal.
The waters away from the Atlantic were far less salty and her scales eventually
returned back to their golden former glory.
The spikes on her back were also sharper than ever and she felt so grateful for
Nessie’s help.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you Nessie, honestly you’ve done so much
for me”
“That’s fine Dove, ye helped me get out of the loch remember? Ye’ve done
enough for me, if anything this is me repaying ye”
The two friends have since then lived in the indian ocean; occasionally bothering
the locals but trying their best to stay away from the coast.

The End

Skribent: Gry Enercson

Foto: Wikipedia

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